Gay Pride

Gay Prides… an antidote to the archaic religions

The "Gay Prides" are the antidote to the medieval religions. These homophobic religions encourage their followers to hatred and they are responsible for suicides, physical and verbal abuses and even murders committed against homosexuals who only want to live.

Homosexuals worldwide are justified to demonstrate and celebrate the right to fully and freely live their sexuality. They are role models in their contribution to maintain a physical and mental health balance allowed by a fully assumed sexuality.

Homosexuals are world leaders in different areas of life, whether in the political, economic, cultural or artistic fields. By observing how young heterosexuals live, dress, do their hair, use professional services for make-up, tattoo or depilation and more, we immediately recognize some traces left by homosexuals in the fashion industry of previous years.

Recently, more researchers published their results confirming once again that sexual orientation is innate (one is born like that!) and is related to genetics.

We are also witnessing a new situation in our society, a growing number of men and women, who considered themselves heterosexual until now, have discovered their true orientation: they are bisexual. Studies show that about 90% of the population is bisexual, but to varying degrees. Among them, many are still unaware of their bisexuality or repress this possibility due to the strong social taboo.

Therefore, the meeting places for homosexuals show a strong increase of heterosexual clientele who identify themselves as bisexual. Internet facilitates a new phenomenon better reflecting the true sexual diversity in opposition of the well known single model, male-female, in closed couples.

Living our own sexuality, or a sexuality of our own, is of the utmost importance in achieving this well desired inner balance. The opposite leads to physical, psychological and mental disorders as found with the unveiling of the sexual abuses perpetrated by pedophile priests from the Vatican.

The liberation of sexuality, as promoted by the Gays, encourage people to freely and naturally live their sexuality. Rather than hypocritically ostracize the Gays, as recently done by Russia and some countries in the Middle East and Africa, they deserve our gratitude for making us progress towards sexual freedom and sexual balance; essential elements in the new spirituality of the 21st Century.