Sexual Freedom

Sexual freedom

Science shows that a human being is a machine of pleasure. More the pleasure is presented in a person’s life better is ones health, happiness and life in general. We experience this pleasure through our senses, the more one develops and refines these senses the greater the pleasure will be experienced. One of the greatest pleasures is that of sexuality, but it has to be lived stripped of sin and guilt invented and created by traditional religions.

Everyone is responsible for their own pleasures and therefore free to choose:

  • to live an active sexual life or not

  • to live in celibacy

  • to live an active sexual life or not

  • to decide to socialize sexuality or not

  • to multiply sexual experiences or

  • to choose exclusivity with one partner

A liberated sexuality

“… is a sexuality that gives us pleasure; a free and independent pleasure that goes along with the liberation of thought and consciousness. To reach this, you must go beyond all religious and social taboos. If you want to achieve this, you must become a machine of imagination.” Rael

New values goes with this movement towards a liberated sexuality, towards finding back the unity between body and mind, which are one. This openness is favourable to creativity, to humour and to the expression of genius in all aspects of human life: a source of progress for humanity. Science is the fundamental pillar of the Raelian philosophy and it confirms every day the importance of pleasure in the proper functioning of the human being.

“An experiment demonstrated that artists who were sexually aroused while creating noticed an increase in their potential of creativity.” - Let’s Welcome the Extraterrestrials

A fulfilled sexuality

The human being has been created essentially for pleasure, therefore the benefits of sexuality and sensuality affect not only the individual, but the whole of humanity.

“People with very high sexual activities are those with the highest intelligence and creativity and the highest level of non-violence.”Rael