Religions…and sexuality

Is there a right sexuality and a wrong one?

The major traditional religions - Christian, Muslim and Jewish - have aspired more or less successfully to impose a negative view of human sexuality. In addition, they tried to make us believe that homosexuality and other forms of sexual diversity are deviant and against nature, therefore forbidden by the Bible, the Koran or the Torah!

These statements are pure crap and anyone can check these religious writings and notice that these expressions of sexuality are not prohibited. At most, we find some warnings for the perpetuation of the human race that has just been created in laboratory and for which there is hope it could become a humanity like many others that exist in the Universe.

And what about raelism?

« …each individual has the right to do with his or her body as he or she sees fit. Homosexuality is not a normal or abnormal mode of behaviour. Each person must live an harmonious sexual life corresponding to tastes and natural tendencies. In the mother’s womb the sexual differentiation is felt at a very late stage of development. There are very masculine men, and men who are more feminine, just as there are women who are virile and others who are very feminine, with all the variations in between. It is foolish to condemn a homosexual because he is a homosexual, just as it would be foolish to condemn a man because he is a man, or a cat because it is a cat, as all of this is genetic. Many types of animals are homosexual, and in the country one can see frequently, dogs, cattle, and chickens indulging in homosexual behaviour. Whether it is a chicken, a dog or a man, the fact remains that homosexuality is natural.. »

And the search continues in this direction