« To believe is a thing of the past.
Do not believe anymore, but understand and use your brain. Use science. »

If we take a look at the progress of mankind throughout history, one quickly realizes that civilizations who grew the most favored knowledge or science to the detriment of beliefs.

When we look around us today, we see that countries that are still living in the Stone Age, where very primitive beliefs prevail and where they are at each other's throats on behalf of religion and in the name of a god or Allah that does not exist: they do not progress!

The ancient religions have indoctrinated their followers to suffering and sacrifice. With such conditioning one can only wish to die in order to escape this "valley of tears".

In contrast, if one grows up with the idea that we are born for pleasure and that all what surrounds us constitutes an inexhaustible source of stimuli to generate and diversify these pleasures, one can only want to play and enjoy these forever renewed pleasures.

Promoting science for members of ARAMIS is a way to promote the abolition of work, the increase in life expectancy, the eradication of diseases, including sexually transmitted diseases, the conservation of eternal youth in order to stopping aging, the choice of having children or not from one’s own genetic makeup (homosexual couples) or the possibility of having access to scientific recreation (the resurrection) after one’s death of the body through cloning.