Our Dreams

Our Dreams...

Raëlians are the new generation which refuses primitive beliefs and archaic traditions delaying the progression of humanity.

New technologies and science are questioning everything. The only way to adapt is to keep an open mind and look from a different angle at the challenges facing us. Solutions appear for themselves.

Already we have dreams for the future and only science can transform them into reality. By putting energy (money) and love at the service of humanity, we can realize all of these dreams.

  • Scientific proof that sexual orientation is innate, not a choice.

  • The young generation discover that humans are bisexual and assume.

  • Heterosexuality is a minority among sexual diversity.

  • Science proves that homosexuality is everywhere in nature.

  • Same sex partners will have children from their genetic makeup...pretty soon.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases will be eradicated all over the world.

  • The secret of eternal youth is about to be found by science.

  • We will soon download our memory and personality into a new body.

  • Homophobic live and accept their homosexuality, guilt-ridden by religion.

  • The elimination of violence goes through sexual pleasure, consciousness and love.

  • It is false to pretend The Bible and the Koran prohibit homosexuality.

  • The religion of the future will be without god: Science will be the new religion.

  • A materialistic spirituality is essential to the New Human.

  • Sexual orgasm and spirituality are intimately connected.

  • Paradism, a society of pleasure and love, will eliminate human exploitation.

Some day, Man will be equal to god (Elohim) - The Bible