Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Understanding instead of believing

"The time has come when we must stop believing and begin to understand". Rael

Unlike all philosophies and religions, the Raelian philosophy encourages to stop believing without thinking (generally false beliefs) and instead to use our intelligence and try to understand. Science and new technology, allow us to restore the past with intelligence, anticipate the future with serenity and enjoy the moment with consciousness.

Science leaves no room for interpretation. Thanks to science we can all be connected to a single understanding regardless of language, culture or history. Beliefs disappear!

Science is love and it will become the new religion (latin: religare: to link) of our future. It thus will play its true role in linking, connecting all humans instead of leading them into wars based on power and beliefs as it is done actually, supported by religions applying medieval values.

Life on earth was created by a team of scientists from another planet: the Elohim. We were created for love by loving beings. We human beings have a mission to create life in our turn and even more we have to transmit consciousness. This is the meaning of life.

All this is done in the pleasure of living each moment because... we are beings of pleasure... all our behaviours depend on it.

We all know that in the infinite, all possibilities exist and we know that every human has its own genetic code. The latest scientific discoveries tend to show that we have a sexual identity that is our own and a sexual orientation or a sexual attraction which is innate and can be expressed in its own way.

This leads us to conclude that there is no sexual minorities or majorities in the "heterocentrist" society in which we live now, but simply a sexual diversity just waiting to flourish so a world of peace can finally take place on planet earth.